About Me

My name is Joel Geist and I love photography. I am 37 years old, and currently located in the Baltimore/DC area of Maryland. I have been shooting freelance for 20 years I started as a photojournalist and moved into weddings and family portraits over the years my style has changed and now my clients hire me to cover events or shoot portraits that tell a story. From wedding, family, portrait and senior photography or business promotions my goal is to tell a story that is current but you will want to showcase forever.

I  use my photojournalist style to tell the story of your family, wedding or portrait session, this requires me to get to know your story. My clients become involved in telling their story. In order to tell your story some posing is involved but it is to tell the story and some may be a fly on the wall approach but my weddings do receive a more structured shoot to get what your looking for and give you the time to enjoy your wedding. I am involved from day one to the last day when your prints are ready to showcase on your wall for all to see. Every one has a story they want to tell so give me a call or click here to Contact me, and we can discuss yours.