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Never be afraid to learn new things, thanks Boston WordPress Group!

As a photographer it is important to wear many hats, as you are forced to do things that are not at all related to photography. So I was very pleased today to get some information from people that really knew what they were doing! I have recently moved here from Tampa Florida and I have been trying to build a new base of clients. After months of posting and working on my site and researching SEO, with few results in search I was at an utter and complete loss. I vowed to start hitting the pavement and getting out there and meeting new people to get me headed in the right direction and get me out of the bubble I was working in. So tonight I went to meetup.com event The Boston WordPress group. A big thanks to the organizers of this group it was very informative.

Boston Wordpess Meetup

Boston WordPress Meetup

As a first time person to this group I was very nervous that I was going to be absolutely overwhelmed and would not understand anything. The group started and they had a raffle for a free t-shirt from a sponsor from WordPress Engine, I won  a shirt so the night started in the right direction. Then there was some networking,  people with openings for jobs that I did not even understand most of the titles to… Uh-oh I was suddenly thinking I was going to be a deer in headlights for two hours, and was wishing to be teleported out of the room. I figured throwing myself into the pool to learn to swim is the best way to learn. I went to the class that seemed like it would help the most “How does wordpress fit into your social strategy?”

Enter Zac Champigny.

Boston WordPress meetup

His presentation was great, in depth, but not at all over my head. He spoke about how everything should lead to your page and why. Ways of seeing how effective your posts are, how commenting plays into your content, and touched on some parts of seo and analytics. I was very impressed with his speaking skills, as he spoke in terms that were effective and not overwhelming in a subject that could have quickly had me drowning for understanding. It might have been different had I gone to the other class. I had quite a few great takeaways from this presentation as I had some familiarity with the topic. I will be back this was a great group. Thanks to everyone else who added knowledge from the audience, and especially to Zac.

Here is a link to Zac’s post about his presentation. http://zacchampigny.com/wordpress-as-your-home-base-my-presentation-for-the-march-wordpress-meetup/

4 thoughts on “Never be afraid to learn new things, thanks Boston WordPress Group!

  1. Zac

    19 Mar on 2013 at 9:39 AM


    Thank you so much for the kind words. It meant a lot to wake up to such a nice article. Keep doing what you are doing because you put a huge smile on my face. I hope to see you at more of the meetups.

    • Joel Geist

      19 Mar on 2013 at 10:25 AM

      Hey Zac thanks again! I will be back for more its a bit of drive for me but it was well worth it! I will try to apply what I learn in the group and hopefully get some traffic here. I will see you soon thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  2. Jon Bishop

    19 Mar on 2013 at 9:43 AM

    Thanks for coming Joel! It’s great to see our community grow and the positive feedback is very motivating. It’s an exciting time for us now that we’ve grown our team.

    Thanks again and great pics!

    • Joel Geist

      19 Mar on 2013 at 10:44 AM

      Jon thanks to you, and all who put the group together to help grow your team and your community. I hope to be back often, you all made a photographer that has little build knowledge feel welcome and able to follow and learn. Hope to be doing more photos in the future there was a little bit of a photo block going on as I was just trying to ingest what I had listened to:)

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