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Blizzicane Nemo 2013

Nemo, welcome to Milford Massachusetts. Its 19 degrees the wind is blowing at 15mph with gusts of 79mph and has brought us fifteen inches of snow and we are only halfway through it. For the record Nemo, you are not a happy go lucky tropical fish anymore. So what is the best way to spend a cold blizzard night?? Stay inside and with a blanket and movie is probably option A for most. I probably picked option 2013 after all letters in the alphabet were exhausted on most people’s list. So after 8 layers of clothing I grabbed my 5dmkII and my 35mm lens and headed out. Instantly I knew this was definitely not even my definition of fun anymore… Determined to comeback with something I ventured into the empty streets; after the governor declared a travel ban on all roadways. I got going, but kept thinking this is not worth it. I quickly realized why this storm was being called a blizzicane, it was dumping as much snow as a blizzard with the gusting winds of a hurricane as well as an eye of one. Kudos to all of the plowmen and women and rescue personal that were out in this. Here are my images from my frozen photo freestyle.

Three faces of Nemo, Look closely and you may see them.

So more to come tomorrow the aftermath..

Well it was not as bad as they were claiming it was going to be, impressive nonetheless. The large amounts of snow at one time were problematic for some but not for local kids.

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